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Tidy Towns Competition 2006

Adjudication Report

Centre: Birdhill Ref: 587
County: Tipperary (North) Mark: 291
Category: A Date(s): 10/07/2006


Maximum Mark

Mark Awarded

Overall Development Approach



The Built Environment






Wildlife &Natural Amenities



Litter Control






Waste Minimisation



Residential Areas



Roads, Streets, Back Areas



General Impression



Total Mark



Overall Development Approach:
Birdhill is welcome to the National Tidy Towns Competition 2006. Thank you for the well executed map,
detailed entry form, leaflets, and the Development Plan to 2007 entitled Reaching for the TOP. It is noted that
you have broken the seventeen-strong committee into two sub committees this year, and that the whole
community is involved in your activities - well done. You would also seem to have a good working
relationship with many agencies, and receive support from the North Tipperary County Council, FAS, Leader,
Coillte, Shannon Development, and local businesses.

The Built Environment:
Both Matt the Thrashers and Coopers, with their magnificent floral displays, looked very well, as did Browsers.
The boundary wall and adjoining shed of the Post Office needs attention. Your work on the refurbishment of
the old Birdhill Co-op and surrounding area is admirable and the three silver milk churns were in keeping. You
might consider some artwork in the window of the old cream/brown building which is being screened by the
trailing Boston ivy planting. The Church, on the outer limits of the village, was well presented and noted the
extension of the landscaping plan to include this area, but more about landscaping below. Birdhill Station was
in good order. Your plan for the tidying of the railway bridge and the stone wall in the Park is noted.

The tree plantings on both approaches to the village are maturing very well, but the silver birches on the
Nenagh side were excellent and the beech hedge is maturing well, and all the green banks were well
maintained. The floral displays - and you must have a monopoly on tuberous begonias - throughout the
village were splendid, from the railway sleeper cut-out BIRDHILL sign; beds of red and yellow begonias;
hanging baskets; hand-painted, some with floral artwork concrete pipes; three tiered containers, and plantings
by the water feature - all filled to overflowing with top class plants, like petunia, marigold, dahlia, bedding begonia, lobelia, geranium and busy lizzy. As mentioned, the commercial properties also boasted some eye-catching displays, as did many of the private dwellings. The shrubberies around the Community Park, with its impressive sculpture which you have plans for cleaning, the seated areas and by the Post Office were also well maintained and the plantings deal with seasonal changes. The Village Woodland Park was maintained to a very high standard, and the information board stand was being painted during adjudication. The floral displays at the entrance looked well and the creative use of an old b-b-q is an interesting form of recycling; the listing of families involved, and the bi-lingual naming of each tree is good, and the wild flower garden and the "From little acorn do great oaks grow" planting was first-rate.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities:
Your many wildlife/wildflower projects in the village were admired, including the wildflower meadow on the bank by the water feature; the wildlife conservation/woodland habitat area, with attractive timber signage at the centre of the village, as was the wildflower area at the centre of the Park, and the wildlife/wildlife information board was well executed piece of artwork. The adjudicator visited the Pollagh Trail, but there was quite an amount of ponding close to the entrance and the old gates on the left need attention.

Litter Control:
The village presented very well in this category, and a young lad was observed picking up what little litter there was along the green areas - well done. The only area where a sprinkling of litter, and a couple of empty beer bottles, was noted was in the parking area of Matt the Thrashers. The litter bins were all in good condition. It is noted that you plan to erect No Litter signage on the approach roads.

Waste Minimisation:
This is a new category for 2006 and you are commended for getting the community involved by organizing the Composting is Easy seminar involving the Environmental Awareness Officer from North Tipperary County Council, and are now using the compost hear in the Park as a mulch for trees; and for inviting the children in the village to participate in the How I can create a better environment art competition, and the Create a flower presentation in a recycled container competition - did the recycled b-b-q win? And also well done on organizing the collection of old clothes for the local Charity Shop. You could also consider organizing car/van runs to the nearest bring bank or recycling centre.

Again this year, the adjudicator was pleased with the presentation of the village with all the hedges, verges and green areas well maintained. The weeds had been killed in a flower bed in the Station, and this needs planting up.

Residential Areas:
The private dwellings in the village and on the approach roads are maintained to a very high standard, some
with fine stone walls and beautifully landscaped gardens, and are a credit to their owners. From the naming of the home owners on the map included with your entry, it is obvious that they all take pride in their village, and it would be unfair to single out one over another

Roads, Streets and Back Areas:
As one would expect on the N7, the road surfaces and markings were in good order, as was the signage, although the sign on the O'Brien's Bridge road was bent. And, as mentioned earlier, all the verges, green areas on all approaches to the village were well maintained.

General Impression:
Birdhill, located on the N7 primary route, is a most attractive village, and by the amount of foreign cars in the parking areas, entices many to stop and enjoy the village. Your attention to detail in all categories of the competition, are applauded.

Second Round Adjudication:
The very high standards of care and attention continue to pertain in Birdhill. While the intense traffic flow through the village presents great difficulties - this has the positive side in that so many passers by each day admire the great work that has been achieved over the years that have made Birdhill the delightful spectacle that appears today. Both parks - entirely different in style and purpose, yet both equally appealing, are maintained very well and all involved deserve great praise. The presentation of buildings along the roadsides is commendable. The attention to detail extends well behind the main road scene with very good presentation of carparks and surrounding areas of the business premises. The railway station surrounds also look well as does the pleasant appearance of the Post Office which hopefully can be retained as an integral part of village life. The planning permission sought for the new nursing/retirement home will create a new aspect to the village and hopefully the finished result will be in keeping with the standards currently prevailing in the village.

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