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Composting Survey

Do you compost at home?

Why do you/do you not compost?

If you do not compost, how do you dispose of kitchen and garden waste?

When composting, do you use
Compost Bin
Compost Heap
Food waste digester

When did you commence composting? Year

What type of waste do you compost?

What problems have you encountered in composting?

Would you prefer to compost at home or have the materials collected?

Would a community composting initiative appeal to you?

Would you be interested in getting information on composting?

If so, what medium of information would you like to avail of:
Information by email
School-focused information
County County advice helpline

What use do you make of your compost?

Are you happy with the quality of your compost product?

Should the County Council promote greater use of composting bins?

Survey completed by (information optional):

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Please return the completed survey to The Secretary, Birdhill Tidy Towns

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