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Get all the members of the household to turn off the water while brushing their teeth. Leaving the tap running during the recommended two minutes of brushing can waste up to five gallons of water a day.

Welcome to our website which is designed by Birdhill Tidy Village Committee. It focuses on the work of that committee and highlights the environmental projects carried out over the past two decades.

Birdhill (Cnocán an Éin Fhinn - The Hill of the Fair Bird) is a small picturesque village situated in county Tipperary on the N7 midway between Limerick and Nenagh. Killaloe is 3 miles to the north, while Newport lies 5 miles to the south. Birdhill derives its name from a mythical encounter between Oisín of the Fianna and a giant bird which was causing widespread destruction in the area.

Birdhill lies at the centre of a very varied landscape: hills to the south-west stretching down to the callows by the Shannon, bog lands to the south and fertile plains to the north-east. Such landscape interspersed with wood and grassland, waste ground and meadow, hedgerow and stonewall, streams and rivers, wetlands and uplands - all provide a wide range of habitats for a rich variety of wildlife, a diverse agricultural setting and an interesting environment to explore.

Our motto is 'For the sake of the little village,' the immortal words of Matt the Thresher in Charles Kickham's Knocknagow. It aptly describes the pride we have in our native place.

Birdhill is a rural village, but is dominated by huge volumes of traffic passing through on the N7. The village benefits from wonderful views of Lough Derg and it has excellent amenities for a village of its size. It is serviced by two pubs with restaurant facilities, furniture store, self catering apartments, bed and breakfast facilities. The village green is attractively landscaped and a modern sculpture has been installed. A village park and a walking trail have been developed by the community in recent years.

The primary school is located 2.3km to the south along R504 and the church is 1.2km southeast from the village on the N7. The railway station is situated on the R466 road to O'Brien's Bridge

The village has benefited from environmental and visual enhancements through the work of the residents and the Birdhill Tidy Village Committee. The village has a wonderful record in Tidy Towns competitions, having made remarkable progress since becoming involved in 1991. Birdhill proudly holds the title of "Ireland's Tidiest Village" for the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. It also has the distinction of winning a Gold Medal in the European Entente Florale competition

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