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New Songs 2010


The following songs were written for a special competition run in conjunction with the celebration of 150th anniversary of Birdhill Railway Station in 2010

The winning song, "My Native Place Birdhill" was penned by Johnny Mulcahy and sung by Eileen Briscoe.

Birdhill my Homeland

By Timmy Floyd

I come from Tipperary, the home of my father, and I never once yearned to roam any further.
I love my own people, my family and neighbours, and that's why I'm proud it's my home.
We tilled in the garden, we worked on the farm, trammed hay in the meadows, shure it did us no harm.
We hurled in the Glosh field till daylight was fading, we swam in Coole River all day.

Birdhill my homeland, the place where my life began.
It's the heart of my childhood, Lower Lacken and Gortybrigane

On Sundays we prayed in our church by the roadside, majestic and tall she's Our Lady of the Wayside,
Each day we would walk the two miles to Cragg Schoolhouse, it's now the Community Hall
At Twiss's old castle there's plenty of folklore, on Carrigeen Rock where Oisín made the bird soar.
And down by the railway our station stands proudly, for a century plus fifty today.


When the hurling games over, to the Coopers we'd wander, we'd puck every ball, the result we would ponder.
We'd dine at The Threshers and sing until dawning, in the Ballyhane 'til the next day.
As a new day is dawning, I stroll thru' the Pollagh, by the banks of the Shannon all the memories will follow,
As my heart fills with pride for Birdhill and its beauty, a place that is ever so rare.



Sweet Birdhill

By Mary Ryan

Adieu to all in Sweet Birdhill from you I now must part

To leave my family and my friends the thought near breaks my heart
To catch the train then board a plane from the station I'll take my leave
And I'll drink a sup in Thrashers Snug to ease my heartfelt grief

Last night I walked the fields near home from Lacken up to Cooleen
I dipped my feet in waters clear from Glosh's winding stream
Retracing footsteps from the past up Twiss's Hill and there
I watched the golden sun set down behind the hills of Clare

I gazed upwards to Carrigeen and thought of stories told
Of battles fought between a bird and Oisin brave and bold
That bird majestic strong and white sure it gave Birdhill its name
Is remembered now by sculpture bright for prosperity and fame

I walked along by Clearys Cross then down by the Chapil Hill
I knelt to pray in the lonely graveyard where my ancestors they lie still
The Chapel door being open I sat down and cried my fill
When I thought that I must leave behind my home in Sweet Birdhill

I made my way towards Ballyhane as the dark night on me fell
The silver stars were shining bright as I bid Coosane farewell
Then up on past the village hall where the moon shone all around
And the memories came crowding back when I stood in my old school ground.

Oh remember walking home from school when our Class work it was done
Adventure called with every step for devilment and fun
We'd hop the ditch and barefoot through the fields we'd run along
While the bees were buzzing all around and the blackbird sang his song

And so last night when homeward bound I passed through the village neat
I quenched my thirst in Coopers pub with stout so rich and sweet
The chat was all on hurling and the matches still to play
While the night air filled my senses with the smell of the new mown hay.

There was talk about the motorway and its impact all around
Some saw it as great progress while some on it did frown
I bade them all a fond farewell and towards home I made my way
And I dreamt about returning to My Sweet Birdhill one day


"Living In Birdhill"

By Fr John O'Keeffe

I've found my thrill, living in Birdhill, living in Birdhill, I've found my thrill.

The quaint little church by the wayside, slip in for a moment, with God to abide.
The ever-expanding national school, when they raised the green flag, it was so cool.
Into Matt the Threshers, to meet Ted and Kay, where gastronomic food is served everyday.
The sweet-smelling flowers are in full bloom, oh the craic we have in the Coopers' pool room.

There's one other pub, Bolands of Ballyhane, where the Tayto Club is its claim to fame.
A stroll round Browsers furniture store, our sporting heroes have won medals galore.
A walk in the garden, gaze at Keeper's Hill, stop at the fountain, stare at the Clare Hills.
The turning on of the Christmas Tree lights, these are just some of the delights.

The hall with its dancing, concerts and cards, music lessons and sessions, singers and bards.
Our village will be by-passed by a new motorway, but it's not open yet, because the bog gave way.
Our award-winning village, the pride of North Tipp, living here is cool, it's really hip.
We admire the murals on the old creamery, as we celebrate the Railways One Fifty.


A Birdhill Ramble…….

My Love and I went for a stroll
Down Coolnadornory lane
Heading towards the Shannon River
It was calling out our name
On either side of this boreen
Green hedgerows were in bloom
Intertwined with briar and woodbine
It smelled of sweet perfume.

My love and I went through a field
Where grass grew lush and green
Some cattle grazed there peacefully
Our presence was serene
A pheasant rose into the sky
When a fox ran towards the ditch
We were at one with nature
On this lovely emerald pitch

My love and I sat on the bank
And gazed at the Lower Lake
With the Clare Hills on the other side
Its beauty our breath did take
We stayed a while at this lovely spot
As two swans swam idly by
To disturb such a tranquil scene
Would bring a tear to your eye

My love and I were homeward bound
As we came up the Pollagh Trail
With the "sally" blowing gently
The wind was in our sail
Looking up we could see the hill
Where lies the rock at Carrigeen
And Twiss's ruins on the other side
Where this Lord once reigned supreme

My love and I we stopped a while
At the Railway Station bridge
The old cut stone with ivy overgrown'
On every nook and ledge
The stationmaster he waved to us
From way down on the track
He was waiting for the final train
From Dublin it was coming back

My love and I sat down to dine
At Matt the Threshers place
Where we feasted on fine food and wine
Our hunger was left no space
Then across to Coopers Bar
More drink to "go down the hatch"
There was an air of celebration
As Newport had won the match

My love and I knelt down to pray
To our Lady of the Wayside
Where we thought about the friends we met
And relations that had died
Tonight we'd have to pack our bags
For the plane it leaves at dawn
Back to our home in America
Little Rock, Arkansas.

Pa Floyd 23 July 2010



1. 'Twas a quiet summer's day
and my thoughts did stray
to earth so green and fields of hay.
I dared not try to keep them still
till I reached the end of the line, and sweet Birdhill

2. Now there's a place I love to see
It's homely touch means much to me
Matts, the Coopers, gardens galore
That glimpse of the Shannon as it wanders o'er

3. All things bright and shiny too
from the creamery cans to the sign for Killaloe
Where on earth would you find such a place,
A kinder folk, a gentler race
Than those who call, and always will, - their earthly home - sweet Birdhill

Author: Bobby Fletcher - the "Seamus 'Poet' Heaney" of Bally!!!


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