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Tips for Christmas

Waste Minimisation

Tips to Reduce Your Waste over Christmas

  • Make a list when going shopping, so you only buy what you need.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries.
  • Keep it simple - buy vouchers/charity gifts to avoid unwanted gifts.
  • Avoid using paper plates, cups and serviettes.
  • Buy a Christmas Tree in a pot and plant it out later.
  • Send an e-card. If you must buy cards ensure they are made of recycled paper.
  • Use a gift bag instead of wrapping - it can be used over and over again.
  • When buying electrical goods bring back the old ones to the retailer.
  • Give unwanted gifts to your local school, charity shop, play centre, etc.
  • Compost the fruit and vegetable peelings from the dinner preparation.
  • Bring re-usable bags when shopping - they're not just for groceries.
  • Don't buy too much food - shops won't be closed for long.
  • Resist temptations at the sales - buy only what you will use.
  • Make gift tags out of your Christmas Cards after the festive season.

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