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Yes/ No
1. Do you support the principle of waste minimisation?

2. Do you believe that more support and funding should be dedicated to waste minimisation initiatives?

3. Do you think that North Tipp Co. Co. should introduce waste collection initiatives designed to reduce the amount of waste residents throw away?

4. Can you suggest any ways you could minimise the waste you produce?

5. Do you agree that the quantity of waste sent for disposal to landfill should be minimised?

6. Do you think that the Co. Co. provides adequate Civic Amenity Recycling Centres?

7. Have you ever availed of the Landfill facilities provided by the Co. Co. at Ballaghvenney

8. Have you ever availed of the Recycling facilities provided by the Co. Co. at Nenagh or Ballaghvenney

9. Do you feel that the opening hours of the Civic Amenity Recycling Centres are adequate to
fulfil your needs?

10. Do you think that the range of materials collected is sufficient?

11. If the answer to question 10 was no, please tell us what other materials should be collected.

12. Do you currently recycle any of your waste at the Bring Banks in Birdhill?

13. If the answer to question 12 was no, do you think you would use the bring banks if there were more facilities to recycle a wider range of goods?
What other items?

14. What items do you find it difficult to dispose of

15. Have you taken any steps to stop the delivery of junk mail/direct mail and/or free newspapers?
If yes, list some of those steps:

16. Do you do anything else to help reduce your waste?

How often do you carry out the following activities?




Quite often

Whenever possible

Reject over-packaged goods


Buy in bulk or buy refillable products to save packaging


Buy loose instead of packaged goods


Take your own shopping bag when shopping


Use rechargeable batteries


Use long life / low wattage light bulbs


Reuse empty bottles/ tubs or jars


Reuse old envelopes and/or use both sides of writing paper


Use old newspapers as wrapping/ protective covering etc.


Reuse old clothing as cleaning rags/ cloths


Reuse leftover food


Buy recycled products


Donate goods to charity


Buy second hand goods


Try to repair broken goods rather than renewing them


Hire items for occasional use rather than buying them


Share tools or appliances with friends or neighbours


Try to sell or give away unwanted goods


And finally please indicate how much you agree with the following statements about the waste that you produce:


Strongly disagree

Mildly disagree

Neither agree
nor disagree

Mildly agree

Strongly agree

It is my duty to reduce my waste as much as possible


The responsibility for reducing waste should lie with the manufacturer and retailer, not with the consumer


Producing waste is OK as long as you recycle it


There is little point in reducing my waste if others do not reduce theirs


I would feel guilty if I threw things away that still had a use


I understand why the Government want me to reduce my waste


I understand the environmental reasons for reducing my waste


I do not see any need to reduce my waste


Reducing my waste would make very little difference overall


I know how to reduce my household waste


I am confident of my ability to reduce my household waste


I know where to find information about reducing waste


Doing other environmental activities would be more useful than reducing my waste


Trying to reduce my waste would involve a lot of effort


Trying to reduce my waste would take up a lot of time


Reducing waste is only worthwhile if it saves me money


A low waste lifestyle is for cranks


Re-using waste materials is mean


Reducing my waste is pointless if nobody knows that I do so


I get a lot of personal satisfaction when I can reduce my waste


I would feel embarrassed if my friends saw that I bought second hand goods


I would feel embarrassed if my friends saw me throwing things away that still had a use


Are there any further comments that you would like to make?

Please return the completed questionnaire to: The Secretary, Birdhill Tidy Towns

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