Project Description

21st June

Flowers and Pots

We still have some begonias for sale – these are late developing and selling at 50c each.

We also have lots of pots of varying sizes to give away for your potting and gardening – 12mm, 1l, 2l and 3l.

Can You Help?

Help would be appreciated for any of the following tasks:

  1. Finishing off the new parking area in the Pollaghs on Saturday 29th June at 10.00am (bring a shovel or a rake).
  2. Ongoing weeding and maintenance every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm.

Pollagh Development

The Pollagh is a low-lying area close to Birdhill Village. It was once valuable pasture and meadowland for over 40 local farmers, but in recent years much of it has been covered in forestry plantation, which is more productive and less labour-intensive on wet land. The area is hugely popular with walking and jogging  enthusiasts, while the varied biodiversity of the land attracts widespread interest. Walking Routes, Nature Trails and Eco Trails, with accompanying information, have been set out by Birdhill Tidy Towns, thanks to the good will of the landowners. Furthermore, an Open-Air Art Exhibition during the past four summers brings many more visitors.
Parking of cars near the entrance to the Pollagh has often posed issues for landowners, machinery operators and the adjacent householder. Now, thanks to the generosity of Clement Ryan, an off-road parking area has been provided. To fund this development, along with the ongoing road resurfacing of the Pollagh Road, recent unexpected upgrades in equipment & machinery and continuing general maintenance of the village and surrounds, Birdhill Tidy Towns committee has embarked on an online fundraiser. Tidy Towns is a key environmental and community organisation in Birdhill and has played a vital role in the development of the locality over the past three decades. We are grateful that the support of the community has ensured that the necessary personnel and resources have always been in place for this development. Your ongoing support would be appreciated in ensuring that our work continues.

Support can be provided through the GoFundMe page:   https://www.gofundme.com/f/pollagh-development
or by contacting any member of the committee


3rd June


Tidy Towns adjudication is due to commence this week. We appeal to all members of the community to help by being vigilant regarding litter around their property and adjacent roadsides. Could you help with weeding, sweeping and watering during the summer? Contact any member of the committee if you can spare an hour now and again to help improve your community.

One Small Change

Check out our Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/birdhilltidytowns/?hl=en) to get some regular tips on reducing energy and helping the fight against Climate Change.


Read the Farming for Nature summer newsletter:  https://www.farmingfornature.ie/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Summer-2024.pdf
It contains an interesting article on the planting of whitethorn hedges.


3rd May

Famine Pot

We have installed a new historical feature on the Village Green. John & Bernadette Hogan have kindly donated a ‘Famine Pot’ which was used in the locality during famine times to feed soup and stirabout to large numbers of people. Many thanks to the Hogans for their generosity in making this tangible relic of our past available to the community.

Work Evenings

Tuesday 7th May:    Washing signage and furniture

Tuesday 14th & 21stMay:   Painting

Tuesday 28th May:    Sowing bedding plants

June:    Weeding, watering, tending to all flower & shrub beds


Farming for Nature newsletter Summer 2024

Tipperary Arts Office Newsletter

Tipperary Together newsletter


10th April


20th March

Community Coffee Morning

Birdhill Tidy Towns will host a Community Coffee Morning in Birdhill Hall, on Sunday 24th March, 11.00am to 12.00.  All members of the community are invited to attend. We would especially love to see newcomers to the area in attendance, just to sit and chat, meet and greet and get to know your neighbours. Since Covid, the number and frequency of community gatherings has diminished considerably. Let’s get back to the community spirit and togetherness for which Birdhill has always been renowned.

Spring Clean

April is the month when we get out to tidy our roadsides and collect the litter that has built up over the winter months. Can you help with this important work on your road. Starting on Sat 13th April, all local roads will be tackled. Look out for details on social media.

Art Exhibition

The annual Open Air Art Exhibition along the Pollagh Trail will be held again this summer. This has proved to be a great attraction over the past three years and promises to be just as exciting in 2024, with numerous enquiries already coming in.  Interested artists should contact Melissa Ryan (087-9064401)


13th March

Remembering John Buckley

We have planted an apple tree in Birdhill Community Park to perpetuate the memory of John Buckley, who had a busy garden centre and nursery on that same site, before moving to Kilmastulla in the early 1970s.  It is a crab apple, propagated, raised and patented by John. He named it Dark Rosaleen due to the dark colour of the apples. The tree produces a mass of pink flowers in spring, along with dark red leaves which turn green in summer, before turning orange in autumn.
Other apple trees raised by John Buckley included ‘Graceland’ and ‘April Love.’
John Buckley’s name is also associated with two birch hybrids which he raised – ‘White Light’ and ‘Birdhill Beauty,’ many of which can be seen, conspicuous because of their white bark, in the Park and around the Village.
Thanks to Oliver Kierse who grafted and raised this sample of Dark Rosaleen on an MM106 rootstock.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

St Patrick’s Day marks the end of Seachtain na Gaeilge 2024, a period of celebration of all things Irish. All of us can help in developing our native culture and rich heritage.  Why not engage in a cultural activity this week to show our pride in our country.  With minimum effort, we can use the ‘cúpla focal’ that may be dormant in the recesses of our minds. Bain triail as.


17th February

Love Your Community

The sign currently on display in Birdhill Village Green reminds us all of the role of community in our lives and invites us to be part of its well-being and development:  Participate in local activities; Look out for your neighbours; Care for the local environment; Be a volunteer in local organisations. We are defined by our community but we can play a part in defining and developing the community in which we live.

Forthcoming tasks
  • Preparing the polytunnel for planting
  • Potting plugs for summer bedding
  • Sowing shrubs
  • Spring clean on all local roads
  • Organising a get-together for Neighbours and Newcomers.
County & National Plans

Read Ireland’s 4th National Biodiversity Plan (2023 – 2030):  d424b166-763b-4916-8eba-8afff955c5e5.pdf (assets.gov.ie)

Read Tipperary County Council’s Climate Action Plan 2024 – 2029 (Setting the Scene for Going Green):  Tipperary County Council Climate Action Plan 2024 – 2029_0.pdf (tipperarycoco.ie)


New Season

With the arrival of spring, we begin looking forward to a new season of Tidy Towns activities. Plans will soon be formulated, areas in need of attention will be identified, work schedules will be organised, social events will be planned.  New ideas, new activities and new personnel are needed to drive Birdhill Tidy Towns forward. Why not get involved in the enhancement of your area and the development of your community.

Notice Nature

Reports have been submitted of the first sightings of snowdrops and crocuses in Birdhill on 5th January and of the first daffodils on 7th January.  Keep a look out for spring awakenings and arrivals in your area and submit details to birdhilltidyvillage@gmail.com


See The Farming for Nature Spring Newsletter which includes some helpful advice on habitats for biodiversity: https://bit.ly/FFNSpring24

Read Tipperary County Council’s first Arts Office newsletter of 2024:    Arts Office newsletter 11th January 2024 (PDF1.2MB)