Visit and see some of the unique attractions in Birdhill

Alphabet Garden

In 2014 an ‘Alphabet Garden’ was created at the Railway Station. ‘Say it with Flowers’ attaches various emotions and characteristics to many common flowers and plants.

Railway Station

Birdhill Railway Station was opened on 23rd July 1860. 150 years later, it still retains much of the old world charm of those bygone days. The station-master’s residence and the nearby junction for the branch line to Killaloe with the adjacent water tower and turntable are long gone. But the arched bridge, the signal box, the entrance gate and the stone walls help to maintain the character of a past era. A garden has been newly developed in the grounds to commemorate the 150th anniversary.

Woodland Path & Literary Trail

A new feature was opened in Birdhill Village in August 2012. A path was laid through an existing wood and a series of quotations installed, providing an educational, environmental and recreational amenity.


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