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Rate Yourself

Reduce your Waste Line for the New Year

Test yourself on how well you are helping the environment by minimising waste and conserving energy

Saving Energy
Do you look for the Energy Saving Rating logo when buying new appliances?
Have you got double/triple glazing on all windows of the house?
Do you turn off the television if there is no one watching it?
Is your hot water cylinder lagged?
Do you turn off lights when they are not required?
Do you use CFL bulbs?
Have you insulated the attic and cavities of your house?
Do you use a microwave more often than an oven/cooker?
Do you get the central heating burner/boiler serviced annually?

Do you try to buy products with as little packaging as possible?
Do you use re-usable bags when shopping?
Do you buy items to last rather than disposable ones?
Do you buy rechargeable batteries?
Do you choose refillable containers/bottles?
Do you hire and share equipment for one off jobs?

Waste or Recycle
Is your blue bin fuller than the general waste bin each week?
Do you compost vegetable waste?
Have you made any efforts to cut down on junk mail?
Do you use rags for cleaning rather than disposable products?
Do you put lunches in re-usable containers rather than in plastic wrapping or foil?
Do you support charity groups to dispose of unwanted clothes?

Using the Car
Do you generally use the car for journeys of less than one mile?
Do you sometimes use public transport instead of the car?
Would you consider reducing the size of your car?
Do you join a car pooling group to travel to work?

Rate yourself at Waste Minimisation:
If you answered Yes to
18 or more: Excellent;
12-17: Good but could do better;
7-11: Must do better in 2009;
Less than 7: Don’t tell anyone but you might make a resolution to do something about it in 2009

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