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Waste Reduction


Yes/ No
1. Do you support the principle of waste minimisation?

2. Do you believe that more support and funding should be dedicated to waste minimisation initiatives?

3. Do you think that North Tipp Co. Co. should introduce waste collection initiatives designed to reduce the amount of waste residents throw away?

4. Can you suggest any ways you could minimise the waste you produce?

5. Do you agree that the quantity of waste sent for disposal to landfill should be minimised?

6. Do you think that the Co. Co. provides adequate Civic Amenity Recycling Centres?

7. Have you ever availed of the Landfill facilities provided by the Co. Co. at Ballaghvenney

8. Have you ever availed of the Recycling facilities provided by the Co. Co. at Nenagh or Ballaghvenney

9. Do you feel that the opening hours of the Civic Amenity Recycling Centres are adequate to
fulfil your needs?

10. Do you think that the range of materials collected is sufficient?

11. If the answer to question 10 was no, please tell us what other materials should be collected.

12. Do you currently recycle any of your waste at the Bring Banks in Birdhill?

13. If the answer to question 12 was no, do you think you would use the bring banks if there were more facilities to recycle a wider range of goods?
What other items?

14. What items do you find it difficult to dispose of

15. Have you taken any steps to stop the delivery of junk mail/direct mail and/or free newspapers?
If yes, list some of those steps:

16. Do you do anything else to help reduce your waste?

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